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The professional attachment of shade sails is not only an aesthetic aspect, but is above all important for the safety of the installation. Correctly attached shade sails can be optimally tensioned, which has two major advantages: well-tensioned sails offer great wind resistance and avoid dangerous swelling in strong winds. A high tension also avoids a sagging of the fabric in the middle and allows rain to run optimally to the side.

Each sail corner must be securely fastened with a bracket. The use of sail tensioners enables a tight tightening of the fabric and the correction of deviations in the planning.

For our height-adjustable poles for for shade sails, we use as materials aluminum for Alu-SimplE and galvanized steel for Ulisse.

Shade Sails anchors differ in two broad categories: wall mounts and free-standing mounts such as posts and masts.

The attachment to house walls is guaranteed by specific wall brackets. Here, the choice of high quality products is extremely important, especially for special wall materials such as thermally insulated walls. Generously designed plates and spacing between the holes prevent the screws from coming out and allow the awnings to be tightened tightly.

The height-adjustable masts for shade sails from Maanta have been specially designed for maximum functionality. The height-adjustable rails allow a quick adjustment of the height of a sail corner. Depending on the position of the sun or the weather, the shade or rain cover can be adjusted in just a few seconds.

For the professional attachment of multiple sails to an aluminum-SimplE mast additional eyelets are now available.

In the category Shade Sails Accessories you will find:

  • Anchors and mounts for awnings
  • sailing tensioner
  • Masts and posts for awnings
  • Snap hook for sun sails
  • Cordage for sun sails

All accessories have been manufactured to the strictest specifications and tested for professional use. Longevity even in adverse weather conditions is a crucial requirement for use in the field of awnings.

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  • Ulisse - pole for shade sails variable height Ulisse - pole for shade sails variable height
    Ulisse - Shade Sail Pole

    The Ulisse shade sail pole is a high tech product, robust but with an elegant, light design and with an efficient functionality.It has been designed to meet all the needs of sail awnings: maximum flexural strength, the possibility of attaching multiple sails and the possibility of individually adjusting each sail in height.It combines design and...

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  • Pole For Sail Shades Variable Height Aluminium Pole For Sail Shades Variable Height Aluminium
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    Aluminium Pole For Shade Sails Alu-SimplE, adjustable...

    Alu-SimplE: the kit with adjustable variable height pole for shade sails contains: 1 adjustable aluminum pole with a height of 2.80mt. (2.30mt + 0.50mt), dimensions 120x70mm thickness 2.6 mm) 1 plate to be anchored by dowels to be chosen according to the ground 2 karabiners 60 and 1 M6 tensioner in galvanized steel 1 slider with eyelet in Zinc plated...

    237,00 €
  • Slider with eyelet for pole Alu-SimplE Slider with eyelet for pole Alu-SimplE
    Slider with eyelet for pole Alu-SimplE

    Slider for our anchor pole Alu-Simple. Ideal for anchoring a second or third sail or an anchor tie rod. The cursor includes: Cursor bar in stainless steel M8 eyebolt 2 karabiners in stainless steel M6 1 stainless steel M6 tie rod

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  • Muscle 3zinc: Moltiplicatore di forza a pulegge Muscle 3zinc: Moltiplicatore di forza a pulegge
    Kit wall mount Muscle x3 with traction booster

    The Kit Muscle Pole x3 for posts includes T-nut (useful x Alu Simple) 1 male eyebolt galvanized steel  nylon washer 2 D shackles pulley pulley with cam cleat 4 meters of nautical rope It guarantees a very high tension to the sail for greater resistance to wind and waterIt can be installed in our poles Ulisse and Alu-SimplE.

    14,95 €